Posted by Kevin Hadingham on Nov 05, 2017
Last year Nillumbik Council recognized that the old brick paved area in the park was overdue for serious maintenance and invited ideas from Rotary, as the main user. Consequently the ‘stage’ area was lifted to .45m with a rendered wall, extended back and slightly widened to create a very usable, but unobtrusive, concrete performance platform blending in with the form of the land and adjacent landscaping.
As a significant contribution to this community project we funded the replacement of the power supply box and in recognition were given permission to permanently mount the Rotary Eltham logo and R.I. wheel on the face of the stage wall.
Construction was completed by Council in March and this week (after allowing weeping of the tannin from the edge timber), we have affixed the Rotary Eltham signage ….. no mistaking our support for community activities in this beautiful park.
Special thanks to Graeme Miles who facilitated the cutting of the steel letters and logo, Maurie Sheehan who undertook the controlled acid rusting and lacquer finish, and John O’Callaghan who did the challenging drilling and fixing of the signage with the assistance of Alan McCleary’s percussion drill. A great community service project.